Why Sponsor Us?

Because the total cost for a season is on average around $10,000, your financial support is vital for our team. It will not only benefit the robotics club at Keystone School but also promote STEM education in the community. This money goes to fundamental aspects such as tools, registration, transportation, and robot parts. If you choose to, your donations and sponsorships will make a difference.

Testimonials From Students

“When I started FRC, I didn’t know much about talking to companies to ask for sponsorships or building a large-scale project. After this year, I was able to learn both, helping me develop both my engineering skills and my business skills.”

“Not only has FIRST given me more experience with collaborating with others, it's helped me become more extroverted as a person. It’s definitely something that’ll help me in the long run.”

Cost Breakdown

How to Sponsor Us

Once again, any support greatly benefits our team!

Sponsorship Steps

If you would like to support us, please click the button to reach the school's donation site.

Please leave a comment that this money is for our robotics team!

We also accept in-kind donations. Please contact us if you would be interested.


Bronze: <$100

Thank you letter, verbal mentions, website mention, and social media mentions and follow.

Silver: $100-999

Benefits listed above, logo on team shirts, and logo in the pit.

Gold: $1,000-2,499

Benefits listed above and logo on the robot.

Platinum: $2,500+

Benefits listed above, larger logos, special thanks, optional robot showcase at company, and team members will volunteer at events.

How to Reach Us

You can reach us by our email: reachingfortheskynet@gmail.com for any questions or comments.

Contact Us!

Email: reachingfortheskynet@gmail.com

Instagram: @reachingfortheskynet